Cigar Review: Flor del Valle Sky Flower Corona Cigar Co. Exclusive

Flor del Valle Sky Flower Corona Cigar Co. Exclusive

Warped announced the release of an exclusive vitola of Flor del Valle Sky Flower for Corona Cigar Co located in Orlando, FL. This project has been in the works for some time largely in part due to the sourcing of the medio tiempo from AGANOSA that makes Flor del Valle Sky Flower so unique. On Warped’s last trip to review and source the medio tiempo crop for Sky Flower, it was only then that enough material was available to allow this long awaited project between Kyle Gellis of Warped and Jeff Borysiewicz of Corona Cigar Co to happen. Corona Cigar Co’s Sky Flower exclusive will come in a 5.5 x 52 vitola in boxes of 10. Only 300 boxes will be made for the first run.




Made by Warped Cigars, these hand-made beauties are a continuation of the Flor del Valle line. The difference is that these incorporate a high priming medio tempio tobacco; which supercharges the flavor. Utilizing true Cuban production techniques such as entubado bunching and the classic Cuban triple cap. With a Jalapa Valley grown Corojo 99 wrapper, Nicaraguan Corojo 99 and Criollo 98 fillers, plus Nicaraguan binder, you have to experience the Valle for yourself.




As we have mentioned previously, The Return of Sky Flower was at the end of March 2016. So we have been getting some questions in regards to Sky Flower and its release, so we thought to take a few minutes and answer these questions for you so you can better prepare for The Return.

Background on Sky Flower:

Sky Flower is a extremely limited production variation of Flor del Valle utilizing the rare ligero priming known as medio tiempo. You may have heard of this material before as it is used in the Cohiba Behike and has become known for the incredibly unique flavor and aroma it gives. Medio Tiempo does not grow on all tobacco plants as its a random occurrence offshoot of the ligero priming. These are small leaves and have to be picked out of the ligero harvest with tweezers (no, we are not kidding), its difficult to process and requires immense time and experience to properly process. Sky Flower utilizes 100% Aganorsa leaf and is a Nicaraguan puro. – Warped Cigars





The Flor Del Valle Skyflower has a Jalapa Valley grown Corojo 99 wrapper, the vitola has notable tooth, vein and seam. The wrapper in certain light almost looks rosado with a reddish hue. Two labels sit on the Warped Skyflower, the main band is decked out in gold accents on a black background. In the center of the band are the initials “KG” for Kyle Gellis president and brand owner of Warped cigars, around the circular initials reads “FLOR DEL VALLE” in gold font while under reads “HECHO A MANO”. Rounding out the sides in turquoise accents reads “WARPED”. The secondary band is also gold with turquoise and reads “CORONA CIGAR CO” and “EXCLUSIVE” denoting the limited run of the Skyflower for the Corona Cigar Co. Inside both bands reads “BE EXCLUSIVELY DIFFERENT”. The vitola has a rounded cap and a wide open foot. Pre-light aroma had notes of sweet tea and cocoa, the cold draw produced flavors of leather, earth and plain tea.


Upon first light flavors of bitter orange peel and leather. Black pepper with a slight throat punch! Spice is noted on the lips and palate. Other flavors appear in the form of cinnamon char and rich cocoa with black pepper present on every draw. The retro is producing full doses of white pepper with no evolving flavor, only spicy notes on the aftertaste.


Black pepper has decreased allowing a distinct nuttiness to move up front in the form of macadamia nuts with a bitter raw walnut flavor. Sweet flavors of chocolate and rich cocoa are interacting with the nutty aspect similar to chocolate macadamia nuts. There is slight black pepper noted on the after draw. The flavors are almost chewy and most definitely tasty. The aroma of the Skyflower is very inviting to the nose as the smoke is producing a rich sweet cedar smell. The retro has decreased to medium level white pepper now producing evolving flavors of coffee and chocolate.


Some new flavors have appeared in the final third in the form of sweet natural tobacco and coffee. A distinct nuttiness profile has been the up front core flavors thus far in the form of walnut/macadamia nut combo balanced perfectly with rich chocolate and a light dusting of black pepper. The retro is producing medium level white pepper evolving into distinct flavors of coffee and chocolate. Black pepper spice is still notable on the lips and palate in between draws.


Construction of the Flor Del Valle Skyflower was solid on all examples smoked for review. The burn line was razor sharp, the draw had the perfect amount of resistance producing copious amounts of sweet cedar filled smoke. Most examples smoked for review (other than the media portion) was smoked in the darker hours of the evening, worth mentioning was the reddish glow of filler tobacco illuminating the immediate area, at times it was almost mesmerizing watching the combustion of smoldering tobacco. The strength of the Skyflower was in the HIGH MEDIUM to FULL bodied range that produced an array full flavors all balanced in perfect concert. Box worthy.


  • Raw Walnut/Macadamia Nuts
  • Chocolate/Rich Cocoa
  • Natural Tobacco
  • Coffee
  • Cinnamon Char
  • Orange Peel/Leather
  • Black Pepper
  • White Pepper on the retro evolving into flavors of Coffee/Chocolate




Cigars Purchased From: Corona Cigar Co.

Cigars Smoked For Review: 3

Cigar Smoke Rate: 93

Size: 5.5 x 52

Wrapper: Jalapa Valley grown Corojo 99

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Medio Tiempo, Nicaraguan Corojo 99 and Criollo 98

3 Responses to “Cigar Review: Flor del Valle Sky Flower Corona Cigar Co. Exclusive”

  • Rob Malgieri Rob Malgieri:

    Flor del Valle Sky Flower for Corona Cigar by Warped

    As always with Warped cigars, the Sky Flower is one firmly rolled cigar. Pre-light draw is perfect with lots of leather, fresh-cut oak, and earth.

    First Light
    -Black pepper, chocolate, leather
    Not the blast of pepper that I expected from a Warped creation with medio tiempo, but it does already have a nice blend of some pepper and a hint of chocolate.

    -Black pepper, chocolate, leather, cedar, caramel, macadamia
    Now it’s coming into play! The medio tiempo is kicking in and leaving that pepper bite all the way to the back of the throat. There is a very thick and somewhat gritty mouth feel to the Sky Flower’s smoke on the finish and a caramel flavor at the very end. There is a nice amount of white pepper, cocoa and some raisin sweetness on the retro hale.

    As Toar noted, there is nuttiness to the Sky Flower that is closest to macadamia.

    Final Third
    -Mild black pepper, malt, macadamia
    Black pepper has mellowed even more as I get into the final stretch, but is still lingering on the palate. And the Sky Flower has a velvety smoke right to the end.

    Every cigar that I smoke from Warped is always so tightly packed while still delivering a perfect draw, and the Sky Flower Corona Cigar Co. exclusive is no exception. No soft and mushy cigars from Warped. I am finding, sadly, that the under-filling of cigars is becoming more common in the industry. Maybe it is just less experienced rollers at other factories, or maybe it’s being dictated by weight, I don’t know. I’m just glad that Warped is taking the care in rolling to make cigars that keep their firmness even after warming up, which translates into a longer smoke and a better burning cigar.

    High side of medium in strength mellowing in the final third to a medium, the Sky Flower will appeal to a larger group of cigar smokers because the pepper is balanced, not overpowering. Good right down to the nub.

    Rating: 91

  • Rob Malgieri Rob Malgieri:

    Another image of the Skyflower Corona Cigar Co. exclusive.

  • Bob Langmaid:

    What an exqu Site cigar!

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