Cigar Review: Caminos Cigars El Retiro Largos

Cigar Review: Caminos Cigars El Retiro Largos

Cesar Reyes told  Cigar Smoke “Caminos Cigars are made in Tamboril, in the Dominican Republic, at The Top Secret Nest where the Chogui brand is also made there by master blender Francisco Chico Rivas, The line is called El Retiro. The cigars at Caminos are made from the best tobacco in Dominican Republic” Cesar Reyes also said they have been working on the blend for over a year and he is very happy with the end result. Production for El Retiro will be about 50,000 cigars.


There are 3 sizes offered in the EL Retiro  Line from Caminos Cigars. The cigars were showcased and launched at the 2016 IPCPR in Las Vegas NV. 

  • Largos: 7 x 48 
  • Cortos: 5 1/2 x 54
  • Trillo: 6 x 52


The wrapper of the Largo is tanned leather in color with a slight marbleized look to it, the Churchill vitola has minimal seam with notable tooth and vein. The single band on the cigar is glossy white and triangular at the top. There is a lot going on with “CAMINOS” being the primary brand name in green cursive, under reads “BY C.A REYES” with small tobacco leaves on top, also in green cursive is “EL RETIRO” representing the line of cigars. On the left reads “HENCO A MANO” in solid green font, under reads “CIGARROS DOMINICANOS” representing the country of origin. The band looks quite busy but elegantly designed and put together. The vitola has a rounded cap and a wide open foot. Pre-Light aroma produced leather, earth and slight barnyard. The cold draw produced earthy notes with leather, almost raw hide.


Flavors of bitter leather, charred cedar and a nuance of dried meat with sweet rich molasses. The burn line is straight and tight. The spicy element of the cigar is in the form of black pepper at a medium level. The retro is producing powdered black pepper right through the nose evolving into flavors of dried fruit and black cherries.


Entering into cruise control burn spice is noted on the lips and palate in between draws. Flavors of leather, cedar, sweet cinnamon and rich molasses with the nuance of dried meat. The black pepper has decreased slightly but still adding consistent spice to the cigar. The retro is starting to decrease with white pepper evolving into flavors of dried fruit.


Heading into the final third the flavors have remained hearty and consistent. The draw has become slightly more resistant due to a buildup of minimal tar on the V-cut, A straight cut loosened up the resistance in the draw and it became wide open again. Core flavors of leather and rich molasses have been consistent since first light and were pretty much the dominating flavors. Spice on the lips and palate are still notable in between draws giving the Caminos Largos a long sweet, rich and spicy finish. The retro has increased producing higher portions of black pepper evolving into black cherries and a distinct nuance of toffee.


Construction on the Caminos Largos was solid producing a straight and tight white ash that held past the inch point. The V-cut produced the perfect amount of resistance with thick plumes of grayish white smoke until the final third where a slight tar build up tightened up the flow, an easy remedy with a straight cut and the draw opened wide up. It was only a minor construction flaw and didn’t affect the overall score. The strength of the Caminos Largos was in the MEDIUM to FULL bodied range that produced consistent and balanced flavors throughout the smoking duration that lasted just under an hour and a half.


  • Bitter Leather
  • Rich Molasses
  • Dried Meat
  • Charred Cedar
  • Powdered Black Pepper
  • Retro Producing White/Black Pepper evolving into Black Cherries, Dried Fruit

Cigars Acquired: 2016 IPCPR

Cigars Smoked For Review: 1

Cigar Smoke Rate: 90

Size: 7 x 48 ( Largos Churchill)

Wrapper: Negrito

Binder: HVA, Havana Vuelta Arriba

Filler: Vizo 2020, Vizo Criollo 98, Ligero Criollo 98, Ligero 2020

Country of Origin: Dominican Republic

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