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Island Jim #2 Cigar By Oscar Valladares

Island Jim #2 Cigar By Oscar Valladares






Island Jim’s #2 cigars are distributed by the infamous Island Jim, Jim Robinson, who owns a Leaf & Bean cigar shop in Pittsburgh. This cigar is named #2 because it looks like an actual #2 pencil. It is incredible in its beauty as the torpedo tip looks like a pencil and the deconstructed top is made by look like an eraser.

This cigar is made in Danli, Honduras by Oscar Valladares. It’s a torpedo that really isn’t a torpedo the tip is more of an open cylinder, and the foot of the cigar is shaggy, giving you the chance to taste the filler blend before the wrapper adds it’s harmony to the mix.

“But it’s also mysterious. We see what’s on the outside, its ragged foot and multi-layer cap. Like a beautiful woman in a designer dress we glimpse from afar, we don’t know what’s inside. You can try to guess, but we won’t reveal her wrapper, binder, or filler

“A beautiful lady should retain an air of mystery”. leafbyoscarcigar 

Not sure if I found the blend? But at the time of this review the cigar is well over a year old, or I could be completely full of shit! Either way it was a damn fine cigar! 








A true work of art, the shape the island Jim #2 has a narrow cap wrapped with oscuro and Connecticut to a pointed tip like a #2 pencil. The shaggy foot has rough look to it exposing enough tobacco to get pure filler until the Nicaraguan Jalapa wrapper in ignited in an absolutely smooth transition.

The label is a gruff portrait of Jim Robinson, whom the cigar is named after “Island Jim” who made his first appearance on Eddie Ortega’s Wild Bunch in 2013. Island Jim looks like he’s ready for the next Jimmy Buffet concert and would fit right in a crowd of Parrot heads sporting a distressed looking hat, Hawaiian shirt and dark glasses complete with stogie in mouth.

Vibrant in color with a turquoise background and Island Jim in large gold font with a bright red background. The cigar is seamless with minimal tooth and vein in the color of light brown distressed leather. Pre-Light aroma had a natural tobacco smell with hints of barnyard and cedar, the cold draw had flavors of earth and leather.




Upon igniting the shaggy foot you are treated to an amazing flavor of natural tobacco and powdered cocoa. From transition of foot to wrapper took less that a min, I wish more cigars did this as you get a real taste of the filler.

Once the wrapper kicked in the powdered cocoa transitioned to rich milk chocolate and sweet cedar, background flavors of earth, leather and natural tobacco were present on the finish.




After cruise control burn the rich chocolate and cedar are still at the forefront, coffee, sweet tea and muted spice appear but more of a background nuance. The flavors of natural tobacco, coffee and rich milk chocolate are balanced perfectly as the IJ was definitely in the zone of the sweet spot.




Consistent flavors of chocolate, cedar and coffee are still at the forefront, leather, sweet tea were still present in the background. A muted element of burnt cinnamon appears on the finish that added a spiced flavor to the creamy chocolate and coffee finish.




The shaggy foot ignited quickly and evenly, I wish it had another half inch of tobacco as the flavor was of pure leaf was amazing! The transition from foot to wrapper burned evenly as did the cigar throughout the entire duration.

The dark grayish ash held past the inch point and curved until it was tapped, the shaggy portion held its ash as well as flowering out, this gives a clear indication of the construction on the Island Jim.

There was slight resistance on the draw due to the clip point, I didn’t want to loose too much of the tapered cap portion but another small correction with my cutter opened it up to the perfect draw producing generous amounts of thick white smoke.

The strength of the Island Jim never got past the MEDIUM bodied range, however what it lacked in strength it more than made up for in flavor from start to finish.



Cigars Purchased From: Mont Bleu, Lake Tahoe Cigar Company

Cigars Smoked for Review: 2

Cigar Smoke Rate: 9.5/10

Size: 6.5×52 (Torpedo)

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Jalapa

Binder: Honduran

Filler: Honduran 

Rolled At: Oscar Valladares Tobacco & Company

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