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Cigar City Brewing was founded with the belief that beer should reflect the environment in which it is made and as such should have a sense of place and purpose.

For this reason they have put there own Tampa spin on classic beer styles and rather we are seeking to build a specific flavor profile reminiscent of the foods and fauna of Florida or simply seeking to echo a state of mind in a liquid form the goal is always to reflect the essence of Florida as we interpret it.

This might mean brewing with guava, aging beer on cigar box cedar or merely incorporating hops into our Jai Alai IPA redolent with the kinds of tropical fruit aromatics that one associates with Florida.

Our beers are unabashedly creations of Florida crafted by its residents. They represent a labor of love and an exercise in self-interested zymurgy (yes we drink a lot of the beer we make).

Each beer is crafted to both reflect the place from which it came and the people who made it and to hopefully in some small way add to the unique cultures of the city of Tampa and the State of Florida.

As heard on the Cigar Dave show in celebration of Oktoberfest if you are a fan of beer and micro brews and are in the Tampa area go in and check out there vast selection of on site brews or visit online at Cigar City Brewing you can also follow them on twitter @CigarCityBeer




Cigar City Brewing 

Toar Campbell

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