Opus X Black Orchid

This is an Opus X blend cigar with the sungrown wrapper from the AF 13 cigar adorning it, and the same binder used for the Don Carlos line of cigars. It is a very thin cigar at 34 ring, with a fancy ragtop, and maduro wrap around the top. Carlito Fuente saw a “Black Orchid” flower at an arboretum which inspired him to create this very interesting and ornate vitola. The cigar itself is about 5″ long, with the fancy ragtop adding” and bringing the cigar to 6″ in length. Courtesy of www.vitolas.net Thank you John IPCPR Just keeps giving and giving! Not sure when I’m going to light this up but review and pics will follow!

Cigar Name: Opus X Black Orchid
Vitola: 6″ x 34
Wrapper: Chateau d’Fuente sungrown
Binder: Don Carlos 30th Anniversario binder
Filler: Milder Opus X blend (similar to the Series X blend)
Released: “unreleased”, c. 2008
Quantity: ?? unknown
Rarity: 9/10



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