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Cigar Review: Hit & Run Part Deux Rip & Dip

Hit & Run Part Deux Rip & Dip




Robert Caldwell of Caldwell Cigar Co. and Matt Booth of Room 101 cigars team up again for a follow up of last years release of Hit & Run called Hit & Run part Deux “Rip & Dip”, not to be confused with a popular golf term “Grip & Rip”. 

Handmade by Tabacalera William Ventura in the Dominican Republic, the creators of many of Caldwell’s releases and the original Hit & Run

Offered in the same style 10-count box of its predecessor, Hit and Run Part Deux features a Habano wrapper from an undisclosed Central American country over a mixture of American, Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers with an undisclosed binder.



Hit & Run – Rip & Dip on display at the Room 101 Cigars booth, 2018 IPCPR Las Vegas NV. Photo credit: Cigar Smoke



We caught up with Robert Caldwell, he told Cigar Smoke “This is the second iteration of the Hit & Run brand. I love working with Matt. It’s a hell of a lot of fun. This Hit & Run is a bit more powerful than the first. Medium to medium plus, but still balanced and smooth like the first.”



Available Sizes: 

  • Short Corona: 46 x 4 1/2
  • Almost Robusto: 52 x 4 3/4
  • Super Toro: 54 x 6
  • Almost Churchill: 48 x 6 1/4
  • Box Count: 10





The Hit & Run Part Deux “Rip & Dip” has the look of an antique old School cigar that crossed over to contemporary modern times. Wrapped in a Central American Habano leaf with portions of a lighter and darker shade effect but predominantly graham cracker in color.

At 4 3/4 x 54 it’s rolled in the “Almost Robusto” format showing some heavy tooth and vein, it has a rounded cap and wide open foot. 2 bands sit on the cigar, the main label is classic Caldwell with an infusion of Matt Booth Asian art of the masterpiece collection. Along the sides read “LTD” and “2018” in raised gold font on a dark background.

The secondary band is gold and reads “101” in black with a spiked tire in the “0” on a gold background.

The appearance of the cigar is a real eye catcher, the warm brown earthy colors of the bands are a perfect match to the medium shade color of Habano, the presentation get a perfect 10! Pre-light aroma had notes of cedar and chocolate. The cold draw produced flavors of leather spice, plain tea and natural tobacco.






An aroma of warm cedar, chocolate and nuts off the toasted foot. After initial combustion flavors of orange peel and cedar char.

Settling in the blend is producing flavors of raw cinnamon, roasted nuts with a distinct leathery pepper bite balancing in nicely. Nuances of coffee and bitter dark chocolate appear in the background for a signature Caldwell taste.

The aforementioned leather and pepper component is keeping the Rip & Dip upper MEDIUM bodied with a perfect balance.

Clean white pepper on the retro which evolves into sweet flavors of caramel.




At the halfway point the flavor of coffee has moved up front with raw cinnamon, leather and nuts, most notable is a raw walnut and almond combo.

The leather spice has decreased into more of a MED black pepper element with a perfect balance enhancing the flavor profile. Thus far the R & D is maintaining an upper MEDIUM to lower FULL bodied wheelhouse.

Clean white pepper on the retro evolving into sweet flavors of caramel with a long complex and balanced finish.







In the final third all aforementioned flavors have been on point both consistent and balanced. Coffee, cinnamon, walnut and almond with a mild leather component are firing on all thrusters.

Black pepper has decreased, the spicy element is extremely balanced but over powering and completely enhancing the experience to the fullest.

A slight increase in white pepper on the retro with an evolution of caramel and toffee flavors.




• CONSTRUCTION: Construction was solid PLUS! well constructed, well packed and about as flawless as you can get with the look of a classic old School cigar! No blemishes or palpable soft spots.


• BURN: Straight as a board and razor sharp. All components burned consistently with a large circular carbon line.


• ASH: Solid! Grayish dark ash with look of a stack of dimes. Compact it held as long as I let it tapping off with ease. Would be a stand out in a “Long Ash Contest” in the “Almost Robusto” format.


• CUT: V cut all 4 examples.


• DRAW: all 4 examples had the perfect amount of resistance resulting in a copious amount of thick clouds of aroma filled smoke.


• RE LIGHTS: Zero.


• FIRE: JetLine triple torch grenade.


• STRENGTH: Straight upper MEDIUM bodied, at times crossing over into the realm of FULL. The Hit & Run Rip & Dip Part Deux has a signature Caldwell taste combined with the stunning looks of Matt Booth!




The follow up to last years release anticipated release is called Hit & Run Part Deux Rip & Dip. It has a higher strength profile than its predecessor, with flavors that were predominantly nutty with a mixture of coffee, cinnamon and leather.

It had the perfect balance and flavor profile to please the novice smoker and enough strength to suit the palates of a seasoned Aficionado. The dynamic duo of Robert Caldwell and Matt Booth have done it again. It’s a cigar with a signature Caldwell taste and the stunning looks and artistry of Matt Booth.

In cigar lore it’s a collaboration comparable to a modern day “Rat Pack” in a duo form, just as cool and equally interesting. Get them both in the same room? Inherently dangerous but completely EPIC! Well done guys!



Cigar reviewed: Caldwell and Booth Hit & Run part Deux (Rip & Dip)

Cigars for review: Purchased (Box)

Cigars smoked for review: 4

Cigar Smoke Rate: 93

Size: 4 3/4 x 54 (Almost Robusto)

Wrapper: Central American Habano

Binder: Undisclosed

Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan, U.S.

Factory: Tabacalera William Ventura

Country of origin: Dominican Republic

Blend info: Cigar Coop

Photo credit: Cigar Smoke
Cigar Smoke – Est. 2010
Cigar Smoke
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